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Zara Altair – Actation Now! offers online marketing help with your Google presence as your Google+ Personal Trainer. Make wise choices so search engines notice you on the web. Each week Zara hosts the *Midweek Zap* a 30 minute Hangout On Air dedicated to bringing up-to-date actionable information to online marketers. Specialist guests share their expertise and tips to help you in your business. #MWZ You can watch past shows by going to the YouTube tab. They’re right there.

Midweek Zap – Social Wrath with David Amerland

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How to prevent head butting and anger in social engagement. David Amerland explains the anger traps of social media and how to avoid them. My way is the highway; get on it! Do you find yourself in conversations where each side is intractable? Do your feelings get hurt by an off-handed comment?