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Why It Takes Years To Become An Overnight Success – Mia Voss

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Behind every overnight success is a Goddess who has used all her accessories… tangible and intangible… to help her dreams come true. This week’s guest, +Mia Voss of The Mia Connect Power Chat, is sharing her special brand of drive, creativity, passion, nimbleness and an extraordinary ability to quickly connect one-on-one with people.

Social Media Strategy and Branding

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There may be hundreds if not thousands of businesses doing exactly what you are doing. What sets your company apart from all of the noise? Why should I buy from you? I would propose that your brand find a cause that is also important to the types of persons you want to convert into a paying customer. If you sell assisted living technology and medical devices, what matters most to the people who buy or potentially will buy your products and services. This is the persona discussed in this hangout.