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As Founder and Chief Possibility Officer of Possibility Partners, I love helping early stage entrepreneurs launch, brand and build their business without spending a fortune or wasting time. Because new businesses don’t come with instructions.

With 4 businesses and an MBA under my Tiara… I know how to get a terrific idea off the ground… especially if that idea requires a strong online presence. Whether it’s a customized 12 month cash flow projection… or help filing a trademark application… or creating a quick facts fund raising “one-sheet” the Shark Team would love… to website/social media/brand development and everything in between… it’s Andelicious Advice for Entrepreneurial Adventurers!

I LOVE taking complicated problems entrepreneurs bring me and organizing them into sensible and easy to implement solutions. So feel free to swing by and Ask Ande… or connect with me here on G+… I’d love to meet you and find out what makes your heart sing.

If you enjoy lively, engaging and entertaining conversation filled with inspiration and information for the Entrepreneurial Adventurer, please join me every Tuesday at 1pm EST for the Possibility Partners TV Show via G+ Hangouts on Air. My guests always bring the BEST advice to keep you and your business humming along.

For a quick uplifting moment, listen to my Andelicious Minute – a weekly video/podcast guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered and inspired. It’s a privilege and honor to share life with my darling man… raising two beautiful young men/teens… and loving what is every day, with gratitude and appreciation.

Why It Takes Years To Become An Overnight Success – Mia Voss

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Behind every overnight success is a Goddess who has used all her accessories… tangible and intangible… to help her dreams come true. This week’s guest, +Mia Voss of The Mia Connect Power Chat, is sharing her special brand of drive, creativity, passion, nimbleness and an extraordinary ability to quickly connect one-on-one with people.