GlobalSign PersonalSign s/MIME Email Signing

GlobalSign PersonalSign Certificates use S/MIME technology to allow users to digitally sign and encrypt email.

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GlobalSign’s PersonalSign Certificates employ the Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol to digitally sign or encrypt emails. S/MIME Encryption provides message integrity, authentication, privacy via data encryption, and non-repudiation via digital signatures. Most mail clients support S/MIME, such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, and Mulberry Mail. For a detailed summary of S/MIME compatibility between email clients, please see our S/MIME White Paper

When I see an icon that the email message is signed, I have a high degree of certainty that the email was not forged! – Denver Prophit Jr.

s/MIME Email Signature Screenshot
s/MIME Digital Encryption

Secure Email Features

  • Prevent tampering of email content
  • Prove message origin
  • Prevent exposure of email content


  • Compatible Web Browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome & Safari)
  • Email Client that supports s/MIME signing

Validation Process

After completing your order online, the identifying information included in your Certificate will be verified by their Vetting Team. Once verified, you will receive an email with a link to download and install your Certificate.

Depending on the information included in your Certificate, the length of the verification process will vary.

  • PersonalSign 1 – issued same business day
    • Email address verification via email approval
  • PersonalSign 2 – issued within 2 – 3 business days (dependent on the user providing the signed order request and a copy of a government issued ID card)
    • Email address verification via email approval
    • Identity verification via submission of Personal Identity Documents
  • PersonalSign 2 Pro/Department – Issued within two to three business days unless supporting documentation is needed during the vetting process.
    • Email address verification via email approval
    • Identity verification via submission of Personal Identity Documents
    • Association with organization verification via third party databases

PersonalSign 1

  • Validates Email Address
  • SRP $30 – You Save $2.00

PeronsalSign 2

  • Validates Person’s Identity
  • SRP $90 – You save $30

PersonalSign 2 Pro

  • Validates Person’s Identity
  • Validates Organization’s Identity

PersonalSign 2 Department

  • Validates Department’s Identity
  • Validates Organization’s Identity

Video: GlobalSign Corporate Identity

A short video explaining how GlobalSign is making the digital world a safer place to grow your business online. GlobalSign, one of the longest serving and most trusted Certificate Authorities, is proud to secure some of the world's leading web sites, and provide the backend PKI security for many worldwide Infrastructure projects.