All email server access is by secure methods, only. Additionally, the Sender Policy Framework is a standard configuration feature on every secure shopping cart hosting account. Why should your company have to compete with thousands of spam artists for the use of your own email service? Why should your email inbox be filled every day with bounce messages generated by bogus emails sent using your domain as a mask for illegal or often annoying activities? We think that you should never have to endure such an annoyance! So our hosting plans offer effective measures to prevent it. Every day. Every plan.

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Host your domain email services $3.95/mo

When your hosting account fails elsewhere, your email will still be available through our email only domain services. We'll help you with making the necessary changes as your other hosting service.
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  • Sender Protection Framework
  • SpamAssassin
  • Reverse DNS IP entry
  • Antivirus Scanning
  • Remote Block List
  • Checks Malware
  • Email Vacation Status Message
  • Email Distribution List
  • Email Forwards
  • Filtering Rules
  • Domain Whitelists
  • Webmail

Unlimited Email Software Support with remote screen share via google hangouts

We’ll make a best effort to set up and/or troubleshoot any email software on your home or office computer. You must have an existing email or hosting account service to receive unlimited free support. If you don’t have an account, our hourly rate is $0.84/minute. We’ll set up a billing account and you may prepay for an estimated task. Register in our client portal to set up a one time email troubleshooting service.