Secure Shopping Cart Hosting

Secure Shopping Cart HostingOur company provides PCI secure hosting for eCommerce shopping cart software. Our certified Linux administrators take great care in maintaining our web servers. Access to the physical machines is tightly regulated by Liquid Web Inc. We employ firewall devices and security software solutions to keep the bad guys out. Only our senior technicians have access to database storage. Their access is controlled through passkey authentication using DSA strong encryption. Our Security Officer routinely audits best security practices and makes changes based on current technology trends. Our clients are required to use Explicit FTP over TLS or other secure methods. We also urge the use of Secure TLS encrypted email. We give the commercial SSL server capability for all clients to communicate securely. Today’s eCommerce shopping cart environment calls for high levels of security and we have delivered it. Our shared hosting clients enjoy high levels of performance and security.

Our years of experience delivering secure shopping cart hosting services using CRE Loaded led us to believe that eCommerce shopping cart clients needed a few important features that just were not delivered by the average hosting environments. Features that often were “too difficult for the customer” or “only needed for military grade security”.

After years of promoting these security measures, we started our own company and made it happen!

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Unlimited Products; Free Open Source chosen by thousands of merchants worldwide.

oscommerce-lftosCommerce Hosting starting as low as $9.95/mo

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Unlimited Products; Free Open Source shopping cart. Responsive Design and semantic markup.
prestashop-logoPrestashop Hosting starting as low as $9.95/mo
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CRE Loaded 6 & 7

Loaded7 & V6.x shopping cart hosting with PCI ready shared hosting accounts. Shopping cart configuration free support with hosting account.
CRE Loaded Hosting starting as low as $9.95/mo
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What Our Customers Think

I have been using StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. for years. When I came to them, my site was broken and infected and making NO money. All of that has changed. My site works. It runs fast. And, I’m getting new customers all the time. I can always pick up the phone or send an email and get help with my shopping cart. Thanks guys!
I started with StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. back in 2010 They have kept my site up to date and always solved all of our technical problems. I am glad I chose them. You will be, too.
Craig Johnson, Yofi Cosmetics, Inc.
I have been a loyal customer since 2008. Strikehawk eCommerce, Inc. has taken care of my online business and PCI compliance year after year. I am in the best hands! I fully recommend this company to any store owner.
Edward Dunning, LifeSolutionsPlus, Inc.

24 Hour Service Monitoring

No secure shopping cart hosting solution is complete without 24 hour service monitoring. Our eCommerce Focused hosting plans are complete. Multiple monitoring services alert us immediately of any service outage. 99.9% service availability is our goal – and we meet it.