Seo Ranking Factors

Security, Stability & Uptime

These three core factors are the pivotal point of a successful online business. You simply will not rank well for search engine placement! Nor will your potential audience benefit from an enriched experience if these are not the foundation when you select your web hosting service provider. Visit this site to learn all about SEO services and wdf idf analysis.

An insecure, hacked website WILL be blocked by all search engines. A slow site will be abandoned. And, no one wants to see a, “Cannot connect to domain” web error. Watch the video and read further into the article for why these are essential to search engine optimization.

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The simplest thing you can do is… There are actually two things, and one is simpler than the other. The first one is, make sure that your hosting provider is rock solid. It has to be as close to 100% uptime as you can, with as few timeouts as possible. And if you have that, that’s a huge boost in terms of SEO, because it’s reliability. And think of hosting as the foundation to the house. And the second thing you can do is make sure your website loads as fast as possible. Critically important for the mobile age, but also important for the web. And if you do those two things, that’s a huge boost in terms of potential ranking.

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The Three Factors

Web Hosting Security

Every single web host in the world should be able to provide you an SAQ-D DSS AOC that ensures they do adhere to best security practices and have signed their name to it. It is important in terms of your own self-assessment of security. It is required by an merchant who wishes to conduct e-commerce across the word wide web. Even if you do not conduct commerce, what a comforting relief to have something in-hand to ensure your host is doing their part to keep you secure.


How long have they been in business? Do they retain on staff any certified hostmasters? Can they provide you with any such evidence? Where are their data centers located, geographically? Do they natively speak your language or not?

These questions factor into whether or not they will remain stable for the foreseeable future. And, you are comfortable with maintaining such a business relationship where you are inevitably at the mercy of your web host to maintain your presence on the Word Wide Web. Contact a SEO agency to make your business website grow.

I, myself, wouldn’t even mind providing bank and trade references! You would not believe the rumors I’ve heard in my professional career of hosting clients scrambling to find another web hosting provider because their data center shut them down for non-payment of the leased hardware used for web services. Be sure to read my article about backing up your website just in case that ever happened!


Computer Uptime

Time during which a machine, especially a computer, is in operation. – Google Knowledge Vault.

Our systems receive operating system updates. Sometimes to fix bugs. Other times to hot fix a known vulnerability that hackers may try to exploit. Just like your home computer, they must also be rebooted. Computers have moving parts. Those parts wear out over time and need replacement. Routinely, those are replaced and rebooted within 30 to 60 minutes.

Even if I’m not available, we have such a relationship with our data provider, that they will go in and fix all outages 24/7 to ensure you are almost always ONLINE!

How many of you have had phone and / or cable tv outages due to an accident or bad weather? We rely on our Data Centers fiber optic network and power resources. Sometimes those are tested, reconfigured or require emergency repair. We hate when that happens! Very rarely does that ever happen, though. Our Data Center has numerous backbone providers  and power backups generators coming into their multi-million dollar facilities around the country.

Those reasons should be the ONLY reasons your web hosting provider should ever go in the dark.


Make sure your web hosting provider has both the hardware and the technical certifications to manage your essential business lifeline. Feel free to reach out to me by any means necessary if you are in dire need of fully managed web hosting services. I’m available Mon – Sun from 10A to 3am the next morning on the Eastern Time Zone. And have several social networking ways to reach me if I do not take your call, personally or answer live help. Response times are usually fast, Just ask Char of She’s been a very happy customer for over a decade!

Video: Top 3 SEO Ranking Factors Uptime Reliability Security

According to David Amerland web hosting uptime reliability affect your SEO ranking Web Hosting is the foundation of your business If you re website is down all the time you simply will not place well in search engine ranked pages