Using to manage your domain email mailbox

Using gmail from cpanel email

Gmail is a cloud based storage solution for company email.

This email mailbox tutorial explains how you can import your domain email and send as that domain.

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How To Setup Gmail To Manage Domain Mailbox

This How To is a procedural list. Use the comments below and plus mention +strikehawk ecommerce to get answers. You can avoid having to pay $50/user to google apps by using your personal gmail account to send email AS your domain mailbox.

Getting Necessary Data From Your Hosting Provider

  1. Incoming / Outgoing Mail Servers.
    1. If you use cpanel email SNI, use your domain without the WWW
  2. Note the IMAP/POP3 Email User. ( Usually the email address )
  3. Paste your email password to a digital notepad
  4. Add to your SPF include domains or ask your host to preform for you.

Input Email Mailbox Data Into Gmail Settings

  1. Navigate to your gmail settings like so:Untitled (Time 0_00_02;17)
  2. Preform the following steps
    1. Navigate to Accounts And Imports
    2. Add Another Email Address You Own ( port 587 )
    3. Check Mail From Other Accounts POP3