Open source is the term used to explain crowd development by thousands of volunteers from around the globe and that is what makes an online shopping cart free. Under most of the licensing terms, you own it “AS-IS” and must not remove the source code accreditation of the author(s).

Any custom logo or link given by the free online shopping cart can be removed and/or replaced with your own logos and graphics. You can edit everything from the style sheet (CSS), the PHP (code) and images. How much you change depends entirely upon you and your skills and resources.

The Pros to owning a free open source shopping cart

  1. Never have to pay someone else recurring fees!
  2. No one else can decide the limit of products you sell!
  3. Never have to pay a percentage of your sales to someone else!
  4. Extend the functionality of your own choosing.
  5. Open Source increases the likelihood of faster security updates.

The Cons of owning a free open source shopping cart

  1. Lack of skills may require out-of-pocket expenses to customize the software code.
  2. Due diligence must be implied that you keep your open source shopping cart up to date.
  3. Support is often voluntary or provided through 3rd party professional services.
  4. If you don’t back it up on your hard drive, all customizations are lost forever.
  5. Requires online and often recurring hosting fees.

If you are merely trying to supplement your income sources with very few funds to begin, then it is my opinion that a free online shopping cart is your best affordable solution as it would be much more affordable to pay hosting fees than to pay for hosting fees + commercial shopping cart fees, possible transaction percentages and limit the number of products.

We can migrate or auto install a free online shopping cart

Any new customer who already owns a shopping cart or wants to install one can do so free of charge with any of our hosting account services which does include FULL basic support of all functionality of this cart. See a demo, reviews and screenshots at Softtaculous™ e-commerce demos