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Fighting Email Spam With cPanel

Everyone has suffered email spam one way or another. This Customer Questions video will demonstrate how easily you can configure cPanel to filter out and reject more inbound and outbound email spam.

cPanel Email Spam Configuration Requirements


  1. Your hosting provider must show you how to use webmail or create an IMAP connection from your email software.
    1. Activate the Junk folder
    2. Create a new special folder called: ham
  2. They must provide you access to: sa-learn 3rd party binary.
  3. They must install these SpamAssassin Plugins:
    1. TxRep
    2. DCC
    3. Pyzor
    4. Bays Token
    5. Razor2

See sidenote for installation links


Links to 3rd party plugins and tutorials

  1. TxRep
  2. DCC
  3. Pyzor
  4. Bayesian Classifier
  5. Razor2

Connect with Denver Prophit Jr.

Denver is an Open Source Evangelist and the Hostmaster of our company. He is a certified Linux administrator & cPanel™ hosting control panel. Anyone can ask hosting related questions in cPanel using the comments at the bottom of this post.

cPanel SpamAssassin User Prefs

This is the code you will replace in /home/your-user-name/.spamassassin/user_prefs


Cron Commands Necessary To Add

Use cpanel CRON editor to add the following commands. cp-user is your username. Ask your hosting provider. Replace with your actual domain. IF you run several domains, you will have to duplicate these cron commands and replace with the other addon domain names.

We do this for free if you have a web hosting account with us. Our regular rate is $75/hr for linux administration time.