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How To Backup Your Website Using cPanel™

StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.

Backing up your website can be rather technical using FTP programs. This Customer Questions video will demonstrate how easily you can get a full backup using cPanel™ File Manager in your hosting control panel. Just use http:// then your domain and put /cpanel at the end of the address in your web browser address bar located at the top.

Connect with Denver Prophit Jr.

Denver is an Open Source Evangelist and the Hostmaster of our company. He is a certified Linux administrator & cPanel™ hosting control panel. Anyone can ask hosting related questions in cPanel using the comments at the bottom of this post.

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We’ll select questions from both our clients and from anywhere around the world and answer them on video! Just give us as much information as possible and we’ll try our best! Please use the hashtag #strikehawk in your social media comments and shares.
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Personal Commentary

Why Use cPanel™ File Manager For Backups?

The biggest feedback I get from our customers is that FTP programs are hard to understand. I can imagine setting down in the cockpit of a jumbo airliner with all those buttons and instrument gauges. So much anxiety! This method makes it super simple and easy to click your mouse in various places and backup your website in a matter of minutes! You should have a backup and keep it updated every time you make a change to any of the files and folders.cockpit

Requirements For Shopping Cart Operators

  1. You have successfully backed up your shopping cart database.
  2. You have enough disk space on your home computer to store it.
  3. MAKE SURE you select the file from the file list. Make the selection turn blue!
  4. Then you may go back to the top and select the download button.
  5. Delete the backup from your web hosting space to conserve disk usage and avoid overage fees.