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What are our tips and tricks? Tips and tricks are techniques, scripts and HOWTO’s that the average IT employee has not learned. We have over 10 years experience using linux open source and cPanel Hosting Control Panel. You will find information valuable to your VPS/Dedicated server running cPanel front-end.

  • Fighting email spam in cPanel - A video tutorial

Email Spam – Advanced Settings for cPanel Accounts

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  • PCI Compliance Assistance

PCI Security For Your Home Office In 2016

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Top Three Factors That Affect Your SEO Ranking

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How To Backup Your Website Using cPanel™

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Backing up your website can be rather technical using FTP programs. This Customer Questions video will demonstrate how easily you can get a full backup using cPanel™ File Manager in your hosting control panel. Just use http:// then your domain and put /cpanel at the end of the address in your web browser address bar located at the top.

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