Adding a large image to your twitter post just makes it stand out that much nicer, my friends. As much as a 35% boost to retweets according to a blog post by Twitter in 2014

Twitter Engagement Statistics

Screenshot from Twitter blog post. What fuels a Tweet’s engagement?


How Do I Add Twitter Summary Cards To WordPress?

Hey! I’m glad you asked!  :-) Denver’s recipe instructions:

  1. Install Yoast SEO for WordPress at
  2. Watch the video below!
  3. Pour a cup of Java…
  4. Create a COMPANY twitter account
  5. Create YOUR personal twitter account
  6. Fill in the info to your activated plugin [ Spsst see video! ]
  7. Once validated, it will take from 24 to 48 hours to get whitelisted [ ]
  8. You are now a twitter power user! Send thy tweets fourth!
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Video: How to add Twitter Summary cards with Big Image in WordPress

Creating social marketing engagement conversion through twitter. One means to increase your social conversation rates on twitter posts is to activate the summary card with big image feature on your company twitter account. This video will show you how to accomplish that in less than 5 minutes.