Why you should have a Google+ Badge for WordPress Sidebar

First of all, Google has publically stated that social signals are not a ranking factor. [ video by Matt Cutts ]

What would be your motivating factor is the personal search results! Get your author posts ahead of others simply by encouraging others to circle and +1 you. Your brand should follow up a day or two later and make a link share comment. This makes your post show up in their personal google search results.

Click here to start generating your Google Plus Badge

  1. Select the Person or Brand you manage.
  2. Select Badge as the type.
  3. Select Portrait for Brand and Landscape for Personal.
  4. Input 300 pixels.
  5. Light or Dark depending on your theme colors.
  6. Select your language.
  7. Checkmark ‘dynamic’.
  8. Use default ‘on load’.
  9. Copy GREEN text to a text editor
  10. Copy YELLOW text to a new text editor
Google+ Badge Code for WordPress

Infographic: How to create brand / author badges – Click to open new tab for large image.

[ Video ] How To Generate Your Brand or Personal Google Plus Badge Code For WordPress Insertion

This video tutorial will walk you through generating your brand or person Google Plus badge. How to insert into your WordPress widget content. It is dependent upon you to add the infographic step 10 in your theme footer scripts. Both Avada and Genesis are used in this video demonstration.

Step # 9 should be placed within a text widget of your sidebars. They will render the badge upon page load and with the help of widget filters, show up for specific author badges, too. Your theme sidebars will resemble the ones I use on this site. Each time I or David makes a blog post, the author badge changes to the respective personal google plus profile badge.

[youtube id=”0yrU7i6w8sM” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&rel=0&modestbranding=1&controls=1″ class=””]

Javascript Insertion Into Various WordPress Themes

Adding Badge to WordPress Widget Sidebars

Required WordPress Plugins

Optional WordPress Plugins Widget Visability

Required Theme Modifications

  • From item #4 of infographic, modify 300 to 100%
  • This fits the badge within the widget container
  • Avada WordPress Theme satisfies features of multiple sidebars. Used on this site.

Required Google Plus Identity Changes for Badge

  • A relevant background to your brand of at least 1080px × 608px
  • Background can be up to 2120 px x 1192 px for widescreen HD TVs
  • A 250 px x 250 px logo of your brand. I suggest transparent background PNG file.
  • A very in-depth about your brand description on G+. See http://bit.ly/about-strikehawk-ecommerce as an example.

Video: How To Add Google Plus Badges for WordPress Sidebars

Add Google Plus badges to WordPress dynamic sidebars will increase your chances of getting into Google's personal search results. It does not promise an increase in ranking factors.