Top 5 Ways To Secure Your Shopping Cart In 2017

Top 5 Ways To Secure Your Shopping Cart In 2017

One of the main parts of your online store that you requires security is your shopping cart. Without shopping cart security, your customers wouldn’t have the confidence to buy or worse, their personal information may fall into the wrong hands—permanently ruining your brand’s reputation. Don’t worry! We’re here to share some helpful security tips to business owners like you. Below are the top five ways to boost your shopping cart security this 2017, after this, start thinking about the possibility of giving your customers discounts once in a while, we all know how customers love to visit websites like Raise in order to find promo codes for their favorite retailers.  

Use an SSL Certificate to Secure Your Shopping Cart

An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate is the security standard nowadays. It basically encrypts data online buyers input in your site or shopping cart to protect it from online threats. The encrypted data then goes straight to the server or payment processing gateway. An SSL certificate also gives your customers the confidence to buy products on your site. It’s important to set up an SSL on your shopping cart if you want to have a secure and high-converting shopping cart. Take note that anyone can tell if your site’s secure in their browser if your site has an at the beginning “https” instead of an “http.”

HSTS or HTTP Strict Transport Security 1 is a simple added layer of security your webmaster could configure within 5 minutes. It prevents all modern web browsers from downgrading to non-secure HTTP. That in turn, prevents man-in-the-middle SSL attacks.

Require Advanced Verification Methods

Another helpful tip that would boost your shopping cart security is to require advanced verification methods. Requiring these also inspire confidence in your online buyers since they know that you’re taking security seriously. Some of the personal data you may want to require would be:

  • Credit Card Owner’s Name
  • Address
  • CVV (CVC or CVV2)
  • Credit Card Expiration.

Aside from boosting security and buyer confidence, requiring CVV verification will also help reduce the overall number of chargebacks.

Integrate a Shopping Cart Software

“Secure shopping-cart systems are essential for maintaining the integrity of the payment process,”

according to Ella Nevill, a spokeswoman for the PCI Security Standards Council, in an interview with Entrepreneur. “Our mantra is, if you don’t need it, don’t store it. Small merchants should ensure that they or their service provider protect themselves and their customers by using software that does not store cardholder data or jeopardize their PCI security efforts.” Small businesses often don’t have the capital to build their own shopping cart software. Lucky for you, there are several shopping cart software to choose from that are user-friendly and packed with security features. Some of the most popular shopping cart software are Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, 3dcart.

Shopping cart software not only protects your customers’ data, they’re also packed with powerful features for shipping fulfillment, order management, product inventory, display banners, customer support, and more.

Create Site Policies

A Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms of Use educates your customers. Most of your customers won’t be aware of the possible online threats and precautions they need to take when they shop online. Spreading awareness will greatly reduce any data breach in your shopping cart. Create the following pages and ask for a lawyer’s help (don’t just copy these pages from competitor sites):

  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Terms of Use

Choose Hosting Services With Built-In Intrusion Detection Systems

Only have your sites hosted on web hosting companies with built-in intrusion detection systems (IDS). These systems monitor your site for any malicious activity or policy violations that may risk your and your customer’s personal data. If ever any suspicious activity is detected, you’ll immediately be notified to prevent any unwanted data breaches from ever happening. Our shared hosting services have built-in intrusion detection systems that maximize your shopping cart security. Have the peace of mind that your customer’s personal data is safe with us as your hosting service provider! Check out our shared web hosting plans today. Check online for more info on network security.