Shopping Cart SecurityMany factors combine to make an shopping cart SEO strategy successful. The old adage that “content is king” rings true. But, these five seo factors can drag your new content down like a heavy nautical anchor. Be mindful of them and work with your software developer and  web host to ensure calm seas and full sails!

Shopping Cart Malware

Malware on your shopping cart will often redirect customers to nefarious locations, which will make your ecommerce site look like you have high traffic but no sale or you have a sale but no payment. Malware can land on your shopping cart through a variety of hacker strategies. Ensure that your web host has a sensible intrusion detection service and actively thwarts efforts to compromise your shopping cart. This tip alone can drag your SEO strategy right down the drain once your listed as a source of malware.

Shopping Cart Viruses

Whereas malware typically affects where your customers go, viruses on your shopping cart can infect the system of anyone who visits your website, usually without them realizing what has happened! Your hosting company might also pick up on the fact that your site is infected and work with you to clean up and secure your site once again.

Bad Neighborhoods

According to my friend, who works for a company that does online marketing in Oregon, you have probably heard the term bad neighborhoods in terms of SEO and where you should and should not build links.  However, you could also fall victim to a bad neighborhood if there is a problem with a shared server.  For example, if one website on a shared server is flagged for spam, search engines will block the IP address rather than the individual site, meaning you could see massive problems without knowing what is actually going wrong.  Ensure your hosting provider gives you a unique IP address like we do!

Loading Times

Novice store owners often dismiss loading times as unimportant because it depends on how fast an internet or data connection is.  While this is true to some extent, you also have to consider the way Google and other search engines look at loading times.  SEO is about user experience more than ever before, so if your pages take an age to load, you cannot expect to see yourself featured highly in the search rankings. Check your speed now at google page speed tester.

Bad Coding

The final thing many people new or inexperienced don’t realize is how much of a difference the quality of coding can make.  Having JavaScript featured needlessly on all of your pages, for example, might not seem much more than a few lines of code, but the affect it can have on your website, if done badly, can be profound. Ensure these five little known or considered factors are not undermining your website, and be sure to take decisive action if they are. Sabrina , “Top 5 Little Known Facts That Could Affect Your Website,” Jaquar PC Blog (blog), Nov 15, 2013, Last accessed Nov 27, 2013 13:02 -4 GMT