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The purpose of content is to elicit an emotion or a basic need. In this instance, I’m getting sorta hungry! How about you?

If your content is not targeting an emotion or basic need, you probably need to step back and recheck everything you’ve been doing thus far. And, I really mean it. I had to do just that same thing. Writing styles, grammar and punctuation and outlines. It takes courage to stand up and fail. I am right there with you as my reader. Sometimes we just have to go out and find more cheese!

Why Am I Losing Ranking?

Like so many of us, we were taught to focus on keywords, popular links and phrase matching. We write our product descriptions and wonder why no one finds us.

The major shift in ranking factor has switched to the relationship of things not strings. There are tons of locations we can talk about our products and services. We can provide unique insight like never before! Why is it better to buy a spacely space sprocket from your shopping cart versus someone else? What value am I deriving by creating an intimate relationship with your company? After all, I’m MAY be giving you my credit card or other purchasing information!

Let Us Get Back To The Basics of Selling

If you have ever worked or owned a retail front establishment, one of the first ingredients to our gourmet experience is the window dressing. What is your message? What is your expected outcome?

Which of these seem more appealing to you?

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Who Moved My Cheese – Google is Changing can YOU Adapt?

I recently attended an online webinar hosted by William Rock. What a great hangout with the kinds of people I hang out with often online. Are you afraid of change? Spending more time redoing your entire e-commerce website content to adapt?

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