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With over 5,000+ free and commercial themes and modules for PrestaShop, we’re contributing this free module to the PrestaShop community in the spirit of open source.

Encourage More Twitter Social Conversions



Everything you need to drive conversions on Twitter Social Media has been programmed into this module. A Twitter Summary Card with large image attracts the consumer to your product image amongst all the other noise in their twitter feed. Within the tweet title, we have included the price of the item for sale. We also include code for alternate image text for the impaired. You cannot go wrong by downloading and activating this module.

  • Enhanced Twitter Summary with Large Image
  • Twitter Card Analytics
  • Custom logo and text for homepage shares on Twitter


PrestaShop Default Twitter Share Behavior

PrestaShop Default Twitter Share Behavior

This is what a normal Twitter share looks like after it is shared from the product page. It is called a Twitter Summary Card. As you can see, that type of share simply will never convert to another sale. Research has shown that a larger image increases the likelihood your share will convert by up to 35%!

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