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How You Can Write Product Pages That Rank And Convert

Killer Content For Your Web Store – Podcast Show

Special Guest: Laura B. Williams – Content Copywriter

Words alone have the power to shape thoughts and ideas. This show episode will take apart an old web store product page and make it flow, semantically. Driving words to express the concepts and ideas that visually express the merchantability of your online product content.

Twitter Hashtag: #thenewintent

Event Host Denver Prophit Jr.

Co-Founder of StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. A certified Linux Administrator and certified e-commerce strategy consultant. 20 years experience in open source commerce. Denver Prophit is an open source evangelist.

Company Website: StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.

Guest panel

Connect With Teodora Petkova

I believe we are a feeling in someone else’s heart and life. Making that feeling a worthy read is worth sliding along the edges of truth on an imaginary vert ramp. It really is.

A philologist fascinated by the metamorphoses of text on the Web, I am curious about the ways the Semantic Web concept unfolds and I explore how writing and search change with time.

Company Website:

Connect With Laura Williams

Host of The Writing Biz a Hangout on Air every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST. The program was created to help writers run their businesses and to help them find real answers to their questions.
Co-host of Indie Office Hours HOA with Charlotte Pierce.

This is the place where independent publishers and authors hangout, Tuesdays at Noon EST

Company Website:

Connect With Peter Hatherley

I've been engrossed in web marketing since the beginnings of the internet. I'm the owner/manager of Intermart New Zealand a web design company, situated in central Christchurch. We have been providing web based solutions for our clients since 1996.

I love words. Especially creative words. A thoughtful post or expressive subtle humour always appeals. This deep interest in words led me to develop a comprehensive semantically connected world bank over the past 10 years.

Company Website:

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Personal Commentary On Web Store Content

Why Are We Reengineering Product Page Content?

We are providing real world examples of misguided content copy and optimize for both search relevance and semantic relationships. The entire website is by no means entirely optimized. This is merely a starting point where you retrospectively reevalute your own writing and consider all that you see in this live webinar.

Some of the best advice I give my clients is to consider your shopping cart to be much like a grocery store. Organize your wares into categories of information that your intended consumer would understand and appreciate. “You won’t find fresh shitaki mushrooms in the household chemicals isle, right?” I like to refer to google trends. I filter to my intended country. I limit my history to the last 90 days. “Do they still call it butter? Or, are they calling it margerine now? Under which category would I logically search for this? Dairy?”

I encourage you to open up your back office. Pick a product that hasn’t been performing so well and click on the live event page button below the video and direct questions and comments to our panelist. Please note that you must have an active google user account in order to comment in the live event page or on youtube.

You may also tweet your questions with the hashtag: #newintent or use the tweet box on the right.

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