Search Filtering And Faceted Layers

Using PrestaShop faceted search will improve your user experience. And, decrease the number of sub-categories by using product features and other faceted search filters on various categories within PrestaShop.

This video will explain your product features and attributes and how to use them to display faceted search. You can read more about Prestashop faceted search and watch this video, too.

What you should organize BEFORE implementing faceted search:

  1. Category Taxonomy – View Slide Deck – Product Taxonomies
  2. Attributes Ontology – Semantic Labels & Values
  3. Features Sets – Semantic Labels & Values

This Video is Open Sourced. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. Other portions are copyrighted by PrestaShop SA, Paris France.

1. Product Ontologies and Taxonomy

When a new customer visits your web store on an unrelated item and decides to shop, are your categories laid out in an organized manner? Have you grouped things in the most basic hierarchy? Remember your last trip to the grocery store. Dairy isle comprised hundreds if not thousands of products that you’d not even imagined belong in that isle. It’s a combination of psychology and philosophy. And, online, it’s the optimization of words that can be referenced in linked data sources outside of your website. Dairy => Yogurt => Non-fat Yogurt => Brand name product title. The non-fat yogurt would be an attribute option with a unique sku, EAN-13 / UPC code. Recyclable Plastic, however would be a feature.

2. PrestaShop Attributes for Faceted Search

Every product attribute should be semantically labeled for the type of product you are adding onto. Let’s say you are selling a class ring. The attribute label might be, “Class Ring Size”. This phrase will ensure that your attribute label is semantically related to the product offer of a class ring. It also will assist you when you create your first faceted search template for Prestashop. You most certainly will have a lot of products with attributes in the template build process!

3. Feature Set Ontologies For Faceted Search

When I went about creating the faceted search, I had to do my research from industry sites and understand some of the descriptive terminologies. The kinds of word clusters most often used to describe jewelry. Very important that you do the same kind of thing in your store. You create LESS ambiguity for search and for customers by using word phrases they may already be familiar with and can act upon. Not only that, search engine AI uses linked data to match up user query intentions.  Don’t go against the flow!

PrestaShop Faceted Search

Video: PrestaShop Faceted Search Video How To Set It Up

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