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A collection of articles related to eCommerce & Marketing best practices.

The Power of Visual Storytelling – Ekaterina Walter & Martin Shervington

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Do you know Ekaterina Walter? Well, seeing as we've been having a very visual time lately, you will love to hear her talk about visual storytelling. You know how people love pictures, right? Well, personal branding through to large corporate campaigns can be transformed with the visually compelling components. Intrigued? Well, let me take you on a journey as I ask expert and buddy of mine Ekaterina Walter to explain how we can all tell our story even better. See you all then!

Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

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Since the release of Google Hummingbird with its emphasis on "Semantic Search" and promise of "Rich Snippets" content developers have been trying to figure out the keys to marketing via this new indexing scheme. After months of review and analysis, some light is starting to be shed on how Google awards placement and result presentation enhancements under the new system. One good article on this was found on - authored by Rich Benci and entitled Rich Snippets: The Now-You-See-Them-Now-You-Don’t Phenomenon. Mr. Benci doesn't dwell on the meaning of "semantic search" - so for those who are a bit behind the curve on this it is important to understand that semantic search focuses more on the meaning in the phrase being searched for and the content returned. The objective is to return more meaningful search results and reduce the time required to locate whatever the user is seeking. Examples - not just "plumbers" but "plumbers in Dodge City, Kansas" , not just "SEO Speakers" but "SEO Speakers at Omnidex in July, 2013" (See Mike Arnesen's article Structured Data & Semantic SEO – The New Frontier).

Social Media Strategy and Branding

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There may be hundreds if not thousands of businesses doing exactly what you are doing. What sets your company apart from all of the noise? Why should I buy from you? I would propose that your brand find a cause that is also important to the types of persons you want to convert into a paying customer. If you sell assisted living technology and medical devices, what matters most to the people who buy or potentially will buy your products and services. This is the persona discussed in this hangout.