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OsCommerce was started in March 2000 in Germany by project founder and leader Harald Ponce de Leon as The Exchange Project. As of August 2008, the OsCommerce site says that there are over 14,000 ‘live’ websites using the program. This number is almost certainly conservative, given the inclusion of OsCommerce in hosting panel application installers such as Fantastico Delux, and Softaculous. The backlink growth somewhat depends upon OsCommerce users linking their sites into the OsCommerce Live Stores listings. In November 2010 the development of OsCommerce v2.2 was met with another stable release. Version 2.3, as it was branded, takes advantage of the benefits of tableless web design, and includes a number of social networking tools. Version 3.0 is currently being developed and is a major re-write of the program to incorporate an object-oriented backend, a template system to allow easy layout changes, and inclusion of an administration-area username and password definition during installation. The latest development version is 3.0.2, and was released on 6 August 2011.
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