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  • Learn to participate in open source projects as a non-developer!
  • Make sure to cite your resources that back you up!
  • Volunteer where you can. Can you write documentation of social articles?
  • Participating in Open Source adds personal stakes in the success of that project.
  • Gain notoriety and authority within the open source community. Valuable if you offer services related to that open source project to your clients!!!

Who Can You Participate In Open Source?

A recent example evolved from PrestaShop, an open source shopping cart. I was testing social sharing of one of my client’s products. I observed that on facebook, the share was missing information and failed facebook lint tester. I opened [NM-367] on PrestaShop’s Forge Tracker and gave link resources that explains proper implementation of Facebook’s Open Graph Tags as they relate to products. Based on another document written by FaceBook on various og:type pairs.

Now, I did not know the exact variables that should be used to dynamically output product data into open graph, which is based on the initial version of the web protocol called, “RDFa [ Resource Description Framework in Attributes ]”. These tags are placed in the section of your html5 code in the form of attributes.

Watch the video below. Oh! And, please leave comments and suggestions! ~ Denver.


Anyone in any profession can participate in open source software. There are software genres for many different purposes. Be they creating a podcast list, a gallery or blogging. One of the largest repositories of open source software can be found on All software is free to use, as-is. Feel free to browse around and communicate with the software developers on how you can assist in making the project more useful in documentation and feature sets.

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