StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. was founded in June of 2009 by David M. Graham and Denver Prophit Jr. Both professionals had the vision of creating a web hosting service and open source software company that met their core value system.  Security was first and foremost their first area concern having come from previous companies who were less than concerned with security and had experienced several penetration hack incidences. All shared hosting servers are now PCI Ready. All shared hosting servers pass a SAQ-D 2.0 Service Provider level of best security practices.

In the last six years, not a single customer has ever had their website hacked. Not a single one! We’re constantly evolving our best security practices and collaborating with our Datacenters at Liquidweb, Inc.

They also believed in giving more support than any customer would ever expect out of a niche’ hosting company. A privately held corporation with no outstanding liabilities. Debt free for the last six years!

Company Impressum

We exist as a profit entity to promote and enhance open source web applications for e-commerce. We will treat each employee or customer with the utmost respect and offer the best customer service bar none!
Free open source e-commerce web applications empower individuals to enter the small business environment with very low investments and remove barriers that often exist to launch such endeavors.
To offer you the best support, customer service and quality that we can possibly fulfill, everyday. To maintain the best security practices and teach them to you as well.