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Hybrid Cloud Managed Servers are a combination of bare metal and cloud features. And, allows you to easily scale up and and down to meet traffic demands or periodic load stress testing. Simply select the new hybrid server and your data is instantly allocated to that virtual hybrid machine. We prorate the costs to you and credit your account for the unused days within a 30 day cycle.

Hybrid Cloud Servers with virtual clusters allows you easily scale your entire IT infrastructure. You may also add add-on load balancers, hardware firewalls, and Virtual Private Network Devices to your hybrid server environment. All of our Hybrid machines comes with intrusion detection software suite and free domains for life!

Managed Hybrid Servers

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  • Data Security Standards Best Practices

    Top 5 Ways To Secure Your Shopping Cart In 2017

    One of the main parts of your online store that you requires security is your shopping cart. Without shopping cart security, your customers wouldn’t have the confidence to buy or worse, their personal information may fall into the wrong hands—permanently ruining your brand’s reputation.Don’t worry! We’re here to share some helpful security tips to business owners like you. Below are the top five ways to boost your shopping cart security this 2017

  • Prestashop In-Page Analytics For Top Menu Funnels

    Optimize PrestaShop Top Menu Funnels With Google Analytics

    PrestaShop Top Menu Module allows you to selectively display dynamic top-level menus to guide your consumers down funnels you find most important. Ideally, these should be optimized to the most active site search keywords and inbound interests of your consumer’s persona. Using Google’s In-Page Analytics will assist your research in finding that sweet-spot for highly trafficked clickfunnels.

  • Twitter Summary Card With Large Image For PrestaShop

    Free Twitter Summary Card With Large Image For PrestaShop

    Free PrestaShop Module to extend Twitter Product Shares with Summary Card With Large Image type after Twitter announced they will no longer provide product cards.

  • Data Security Standards Best Practices

    Web Hosting Security – Themes And Plugins – StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.

    There has been a spate of vulnerable modules and themes circulating in the PrestaShop community. Mainly in the forums free module section. These experts will advise you on what to look for when deciding your theme or module purchase on your live store.

  • PrestaShop Faceted Search

    PrestaShop Faceted Search – How To Setup [ Video ]

    Search Filtering And Faceted Layers Using PrestaShop faceted search will improve your user experience. And, decrease the number of sub-categories by using product features and other faceted search filters on various categories within PrestaShop. [...]

  • Reengineering Product Content Pages

    Writing Killer Content For Your Web Store. [Video]

    We are providing real world examples of misguided content copy and optimize for both search relevance and semantic relationships. The entire website is by no means entirely optimized. This is merely a starting point where you retrospectively reevalute your own writing and consider all that you see in this live webinar.

  • PDF Indexing In Search

    Should I rel canonical A Product User Guide PDF To My eCommerce Product Page?

    What Is A Canonical Link? Including a rel=canonical link in your webpage is a strong hint to search engines your about preferred version to index among duplicate pages on the web. It's supported by several [...]

  • Intent, Capture And Convert With PrestaShop

    How To Optimize PrestaShop To Increase Sales Conversions

    Every day businesses make investments in their company by spending money on their websites, their online marketing strategy, and search engine optimization. They read marketing journals and blogs, hire a consultant, or hire an entire firm to assist them - and the success rates aren't always so encouraging in terms of results. Now imagine you are a company that sells a commodity online, in direct competition with much larger competitors who benefit from scale and greater resources. How would you approach this investment?

  • SSD Hosting With SSD Drive Database Access

    10 Best Tips To Optimize Your PrestaShop Shopping Cart

    10 Speed tips to optimize PrestaShop shopping cart using SSD drives and software tweaks including media server locations and wildcard SSL certificate. Every second counts. The faster you render the better chances you stand to convert customers and rank higher in mobile search.

  • Google Plus Badge Code for WordPress

    Add a Google plus badge For WordPress Sidebar [ Video ]

    Why you should have a Google+ Badge for Your WordPress Sidebar. The motivating factor is the personal search results! Making YOUR posts show up in their search.

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