StrikeHawk eCommerce is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Eos Online Merchant Shopping Cart which is now released as Alpha 0.5.

This ground breaking osCommerce/CRE Loaded based Open Source shopping cart solutions features substantial improvements over its CRE Loaded 6.2 foundation including many features planned for CRE Loaded 6.3. Improvements have been made in Product Management, the Template System, and the checkout process. This is in line with our commitment to focus development on core issues affecting eCommerce performance.

Eos Online Merchant is available as a free release at Eos Online Merchant Shopping Cart Source Forge Project. Useful links include:

  1. Eos Online Merchant Community Forum
  2. Feature Requests
  3. Bug Reports
  4. Patch Submissions
  5. Eos Browse SVN Repository
  6. EOS Online Merchant Project Feeds. 

This is in accordance with StrikeHawk eCommerce’s commitment to generate all new functionality into an Open Source release available to the public at no charge. While we believe strongly in commercial Open Source, we feel even more strongly that such development should be done, openly, with wide community support and involvement.

Here is how we plan to do just that:

We begin with three major assumptions:

Success depends on cooperation between all stakeholders.
True participation is not possible without open and honest communication.
Success in eCommerce is not possible without a commitment to quality.

Stake Holder Involvement:

Participation in Eos Online Merchant development is open to anyone involved in eCommerce. Our Extreme Programming based approach does not just allow for input and participation by everyone involved in the chain of commerce from the customer to the programmer – it demands it.

Open Communications:

We are committed to providing a truly OPEN forum in which all participants may speak their mind. Therefore, we have chosen to locate this forum at the Open Source eCommerce University Forums. While we own this site, and have done the majority of development there so far, this site is open to participation from all Open Source focused eCommerce vendors, shop owners and developers. If you have something to say or ask about Open Source eCommerce, you are welcome here.


The development of high quality software demands an organized approach with a focus on standards and clearly stated design documents available to all community members. We deploy design documents in a wiki – allowing for full participation by all community members willing to take the time to express their thoughts and concerns.