Shopping cart ecommerce is the core of our business! Why? Because no other approach offers as great a potential for flexibility and security in eCommerce operations as open source ecommerce software. It’s that simple. StrikeHawk eCommerce provides development leadership. We design and produce the Open Source Eos Online Merchant - an osCommerce Online Merchant forked project . This venue allows us to exercise our own development philosophy of using merciless re-factoring to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

We are developers and site customization management specialist. Using state of the art subversioning storage for code and a powerful issue tracker to check site development, we allow store owners to meet complete situational awareness when it comes to their site customizations.

No software shall be on a live site until we know it works – and if an issue does slip through, we can offer rapid reversion to a stable installation. Centering development activities on the store and aligning our interests with the store owner while not competing with service vendors allows us to focus on being what software developers should do – building the best possible platform for eCommerce site development.  For a personal conversation with one of our highly skilled project managers, point your browser to our contact page.

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